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We appreciate you visiting our web page today, and looking at our work to see if we can help you with your building needs. We have a variety of designs and styles that we offer in cabins and homes. Ordering a building from us is easy! Take a look at the gallery pictures by clicking on the CABINS & HOMES tab and see if there is something you like. The photos there are examples of what type of buildings we construct, but we can take any of those designs and fit them to your project in size, style, and options. Our goal is that the building you order from us will fit your needs and be a unique and beautiful structure on your property!



About us

J&A Builders LLC is owned by Jonathan & Adrianna Hinojosa, home based and operated out of El Campo,TX. 

Our employees are local residents as well and are practically family, because we share the same goals in life. This helps us promote a healthy, respectful and efficient work environment. We strive to "find enjoyment in all of our hard work, it is a gift of God".

Our cabins and homes are built on location, and we have the ability to build practically anywhere. Typically, our buildings are used for recreational and living purposes on developed or undeveloped land, waterfront lots or wooded areas. We have yet to confront an area we cannot reach to build on.

We typically build locally up to 1 hour distance but can make exceptions depending on project size and schedule. If we travel a distance that requires it, we will lodge near the construction site.    

CABINS & Homes

You can customize your building in size, style, and options to your liking. We do our best to give you an idea of what our cabins look like based on our photo gallery, but you can pick and choose from each. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Here is some info about our construction:



This option allows us to elevate the structure to a desired height, and is recommended for land that is undeveloped, has not been leveled, or is on a sloping area. We typically utilize rough cut square posts in 6x6 and 8x8 diameter or larger, depending on square footage of structure, which are cemented in pre-drilled holes. The load bearing beams, would be installed with metal fasteners to posts. The floor joists would then be fastened to beams and set at 16" or 24" on center placement. You have the option of leaving crawlspace open or we can add skirting to close in and finish with paint or stain.







This option is the basic standard for construction, and the most economical. Load bearing beams of 6x6 and 4x6  diameter are framed to form the foundation, which is then placed on a concrete base consisting of an 8x8x16 solid block on a 4x16x16 solid pad. The floor joists would then be fastened to beams and set at 24" on center placement. 



 This option is considered to be very durable and long lasting depending on the development of construction site. A standard residential slab will have perimeter beams installed and can include beams under load bearing walls. If your land is undeveloped, we can take care of it before installing slab. The slab can be primarily for the structure, but can also extend to the porch, garage, and driveway.





  Natural Cedar 

This is our primary style for our cabins because of the rustic nature and unique look. Typically, we will install the siding in a vertical board and batten fashion with the live edge boards as the overlapping planks. We can have our cedar planks cut as straight edge boards in various sizes, and we can install them in a horizontal position with overlapping construction. 

The planks are fabricated in 1/2" thickness and can be purchased in various lengths to fit height of walls.  








Primed Smart Panel 

This is the popular choice for our homes because it offers a more conventional style. We typically use the 4x8 sheet application with 8" on center lines, but we can also use the horizontal overlap planks that come in various sizes. We have used this siding and added a rustic touch, by using trim and applying it to create barn and vintage cabin looks. We can also quote you the paintwork. 










We typically build our structures using 2x4 and 2x6 exterior frame construction, assembled at 16" on center placement. We can build wall units with a standard height of 8 feet, and we can also customize with 9 and 10 foot construction. We can also frame interior bedrooms, bathrooms, and such with flat or vaulted ceilings. 


We use 7/16" OSB Sheathing for the underlay on walls of our structures. For the roof we use 7/16" OSB Tech Shield Sheathing to provide a radiant barrier. On our porches, if ceiling under porch will be finished with siding, we will continue with standard application of sheathing. If porch rafters will be exposed, we will use plywood to allow painting or staining. 

After installing sheathing or plywood, we use moisture barrier house wrap on walls and #30 felt paper on roof to create a weather block before we install siding and metal roofing. We also use window and door wrap prior to installing them.  


We use 1 1/8" Advantech tongue and groove sub-flooring on all of our structures. Our floor joist framing consists of 2x8 Treated lumber construction installed in 24" on center application. We can build to different specs if construction requires it. 







All of our structures are built with galvalume metal pbr paneling assembled with foam closures, sealant tape, rake trim, and ridge trim. We can also order material in different colors. We use 30 lb Felt papering as a moisture barrier along with water/ice barrier on awning transitions from roof line. 








Doors & Windows  

All of our structures include 1- 36" steel 6-panel entry door. Additional doors or different styles can be purchased and added to the floor plan. In addition to single doors, we can also install sliding vinyl doors or french doors to our cabins and homes. You can also purchase windows of various sizes, in aluminum or vinyl frame construction.  

Beams on blocks
Standard 4x8 smart panel
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